Twine & Co.

Letterpress Card

1 illustrated, folded card (4.75" X 3.375"). Made of 100% recycled cotton, artisan-made, and acid-free paper.

Twine & Co. cards, envelopes and coasters are made from 100% cotton fiber paper. Made specifically from cotton linters, a by-product of the cotton and fashion industry, it is recognized by the EPA as recovered fiber. Not only are these fibers environmentally responsible, they make a paper of superior quality. The reusable cotton in our papers can be repeatedly recycled and processed with traditional papers. 100% of the waste from cotton paper is compostable. Twine & Co. 100% cotton fiber paper is designed to maximize letterpress printing. It is strong and stable, yet soft and luxurious to the touch. Letterpress is the result of metal type, with or without ink, being pressed into paper. Cotton is strong and pliable which enables it to withstand the weight of the letterpress process.