Simply Chakra

Crystal Heart

Format: Treasures

These beautiful 1-inch crystal hearts can assist you in your journey toward balance and well-being. Carry crystals in your pocket or hold them in your hand during meditation. Place them on your body over the corresponding chakra during energy work, or place one or more under your pillow or bed to balance your energies while you sleep. For a relaxing soak, place crystals in your bath water to harness their energy. To create a crystal elixir, surround a water bottle with crystals and place in the sun.

To program your crystals, hold them in your hand and imagine light traveling through the crown of your head, to your heart, then down your arm into the crystal. Place your intentions in the crystal and visualize filling and surrounding the crystal with light.

Each crystal is different, the way nature intended. The exact size, shape, and coloring of your crystal will vary from those pictured. It will be as unique as you are!

Choose the crystal that aligns with thechakra you need to balance or the energy that you desire to receive.

  • Clear Quartz:  The Master Healer Stone; crown chakra; manifests healing, enlightenment, and positive energy
  • Amethyst:  The Intuition Stone; third-eye chakra; manifests intuition, psychic abilities, and peace
  • Lapis Lazuli:  The Stone of Royalty; throat chakra; manifests wisdom, connection, and expansion
  • Rose Quartz:  The Unconditional Love Stone; heart chakra; manifests love, harmony, and acceptance
  • Tiger Eye:  The Protection Stone; solar plexus chakra; manifests personal power, protection, and optimism.
  • Orange Aventurine:  The Self Esteem Stone; sacral chakra; manifests self-worth, calmness, and new possibilities
  • Red Jasper:  The Resolution Stone; root chakra; manifests change, progress, and resolution