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Sage Smudge Stick

Format: Aromatherapy

Used frequently by Native Americans for purification, providing protection, and dispersing negative energies, a sage smudge stick is a great way to clear the atmosphere in your home. Start by setting your intentions with the sage. Then light the tip of the smudge stick, blow it out, and fan the fumes with your hand. Begin in the center of the room and move slowly toward the edges in a counterclockwise circle, being sure to cleanse near windows, doors, and corners. Direct the smoke toward an open window or doorway. When finished, extinguish the sage in salt, not water.

Sage Smudge Sticks are also a great way to cleanse crystals. Simply wave your crystals through the smoke and visualize them being cleansed of negative energies. 

Caution: Never blow on the stick while smudging, as this could cause sparks to fly and cause a fire. If gently waving your smudge stick room to room, always hold a fireproof container underneath. Be careful of any loose fitting clothing when lighting the sage stick.