Simply Chakra

Single Strand Chakra Chip Bracelet

Format: Treasures

Wearing crystal jewelry is a great way to raise your vibration and balance your chakras throughout the day! These 7- to 7.5-inch stretchy bracelets are very versatile: wear them during the day or during meditation, place them over their coordinating chakras while meditating, or wrap them around water bottles to charge your water. Choose the crystal that aligns with the chakra you need to balance or the energy that you desire to receive. Use your intuition!

  • Clear Quartz:  The Master Healer Stone; crown chakra; manifests healing, enlightenment, and positive energy
  • White Aventurine:  The Connecting with Source Stone; upper chakras; manifests angels/guides, love for humanity, mirror to the soul
  • Amethyst:  The Intuition Stone; third-eye chakra; manifests intuition, psychic abilities, and peace
  • Lapis Lazuli:  The Stone of Royalty; throat chakra; manifests wisdom, connection, and expansion
  • Rose Quartz:  The Unconditional Love Stone; heart chakra; manifests love, harmony, and acceptance
  • Green Aventurine:  The Optimist Stone; upper heart chakra; manifests abundance, perception, and intelligence
  • Tiger Eye:  The Protection Stone; solar plexus chakra; manifests personal power, protection, and optimism
  • Orange Aventurine:  The Self Esteem Stone; sacral chakra; manifests self-worth, calmness, and new possibilities
  • Red Jasper:  The Resolution Stone; root chakra; manifests change, progress, and resolution
  • Black Agate:  The Inner Strength Stone; lower chakras; manifests decision making, peace, and grounding