Simply Chakra

Virgo Crystal Coins

Format: Treasures

Crystals can enhance the strengths associated with your Zodiac sign and help achieve peace and balance in areas where your sign may feel challenged. We've chosen two specific crystals for your Zodiac sign that can assist you with your journey of spirituality and well-being.

Each crystal is different, the way nature intended. The exact size, shape, and coloring of your crystal will vary from those pictured. It will be as unique as you are!

  • Lapis Lazuli: This crystal focuses Virgo's attention on whole-body well-being, allowing Virgo to recognize their natural talents and blessings. Lapis lazuli also encourages Virgo to put aside their innate humbleness and take much-deserved credit for their successes.
  • Amethyst: The often anxious and critical mind of Virgo can be calmed by amethyst. It can help Virgo feel balanced and centered and is a great meditation stone while seeking inner peace and spiritual awareness.