Gary Malkin

Exhale 1: WinterFaith: Contemplative Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

Format: MP3

WinterFaith (2006) is a quiet journey for the soul- the kind of album you would listen to while your mind is open to being supported in creating, while your body is relaxing, while your heart is allowing love to bathe you. It is a musical inquiry into the mystery of loss and redemption, of wandering and returning. Produced by Michael Stillwater for Wisdom of the World, WinterFaith has a perennial beauty to last through all seasons. Gary Malkin is an Emmy and ASCAP award-winning composer whose music is featured in film and television. His healing music includes the acclaimed CD/Giftbook for transitions, Graceful Passages. His piano style is inspired by the music of Keith Jarrett and Eric Satie, as well as a desire to create a refuge for the heart, soul and spirit. 


1. Into the Mystery 5:36
2. Snowlion 5:59
3. Ode to Swan 6:56
4. She Walks the Earth 7:18
5. Prayer in the Darkness 6:30
6. Endless 5:36
7. Yearning 7:13
8. WinterFaith 4:18
9. The Healing 6:38
10. Returning 4:18
11. Into the Majesty 3:58