Sky Scrapers by Cody Mattson

About The Artist

Cody, a natural talent, is an amazing artist. He puts the brush to the canvas and creates masterpieces. His painting style is quite unique and is different than most others. He “slap” and scatter paints bringing a whole different style to the table. He enjoys painting with pastel colors along with blue, green, and red. He becomes very serious when he paints and solely focuses on his painting until it is complete. Cody is an avid sports fan, loves his family, and is the most sincere person you’ll meet.

This unique piece was created over the course of several studio sessions.  Cody used a gloved hand and brushes to create the different strokes and textures. Geometric lines and contrasting greys and black give this piece an ominous look. 


In 1968 Zelda Langdale organized a grassroots group of local business people to form the  Klamath Work Activities Center.  The center provided a place for people with disabilities to go that offered paid,  meaningful work as well as community activities.  In 1987, this group and its participants officially established  REACH Inc. For more than 50 years, REACH Incorporated has been a space for people with developmental disabilities and severe handicaps to thrive. REACH is a community-based employment center that connects individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment with meaningful work. Professionally trained job coaches encourage participants to express their energy, creativity, and talents and ensure that each individual's dignity and freedom is top-priority. Through REACH's employment services, people who often experience barriers to employment build self-worth and job skills while contributing to the Klamath Falls community. Currently serving 142 Klamath Falls residents, REACH continues to grow and implement new programs that will expand this vital service across Klamath county. To learn more about REACH and their valuable work, visit reachkfalls.comAll proceeds go to REACH, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Purchases are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.