Shannon Kaiser

Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Bundle

Format: Book

Exclusive to Beyond Words!

Anyone on a personal growth path knows that it’s far too easy to lose track of a positive mindset. Fear and uncertainty can take over and prevent us from moving forward. Every moment of every day offers us new opportunities to lean into love and practice the power of our positive thoughts. I healed my own depression, eating disorders and anxiety by practicing the power of affirmations. Now you can make the most out of every day with the Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Bundle.

It’s much easier to stay committed to a happy life when we have simple daily reminders to keep us on track. That’s why I wrote the book Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, which includes 365 days of inspiration to cultivate self-awareness, inner peace, confidence, and overall happiness. The new edition is updated—with new daily mantras and new thought-provoking questions—it's more than a guide to positive thinking. The wisdom contained in these pages will open your mind, heart, and spirit to create a more purposeful, healthy, and happy life.

Because I know the power of healing affirmations first hand, I decided to create a Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Bundle with my brand-spankin’-new products, daily resources and awesome bonus gifts to help support your journey to peace and happiness.

What's in the Find Your Happy Bundle?

What you’ll experience in this empowering workshop:

-How to be happier in each moment

-Regain confidence in making powerful life choices

Return to your child-like sense of wonder and trust more

-Release resistance to the unknown and welcome life lessons

-Access a new state of life flow as you embrace the opportunities in every situation

-Fearlessly live your full potential

-How to implement more joy-filled life adventures for self-actualization

-Tips for developing a stronger happiness practice