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Karmu VOD

Format: Video on Demand

For over forty years, Karmu welcomed thousands of people into his home where he fed the hungry and healed the sick with herbal remedies, insightful counseling and his penetrating, healing touch. Auto mechanic by day and urban shaman by night, Karmu helped thousands of people: the homeless, drug addicts, students, even professors at Harvard. He treated a homeless person with the same respect and helping hand that he offered Allen Ginsberg, Baba Ram Dass, or R.D. Laing.

Recognized by Sufi master Murshid Samuel Lewis in 1969, word of Karmu’s healing spread. During the 1970s, a group of graduate students came to study his healing techniques. He said that when people were ill, their batteries were run down, and his job was to give them a supercharge which he said was channeled from the “cosmic arena.” He referred to this transmission as “giving them a plus element.”

Through archival footage and contemporary interviews with artists, teachers, and health care professionals (including Dr. Andrew Weil and Daniel Goleman, Ph.D), Karmu: A Place in the Sun chronicles Karmu’s techniques and the legacy of physical, emotional and spiritual healing that he left behind.

Run Time: 52 minutes