Beyond Words Publishing


What if you woke up one day to discover your whole reality had been an illusion? What if that insight liberated you from all your perceived limitations? What if today is that day? You are the hero of your own “Ultimate Human Amusement Park!” For many of us, we’ve created countless situations and story lines to hide our true power and limit our experiences while playing. iKE ALLEN & Ashley Anderson have created Leap! to remind you that you’re here to be the main character and hero in this amazing creation and, ultimately, uncover your own meaning, totality, and true identity. The only question now is, will you take the leap or stay asleep? In this Leap! Special Edition version we’ve included video footage from past versions of Leap! along with other surprises.

Published: June 12, 2012
Producer: Avaiya
Format: NTSC Region 0
ISBN: 978-1-5827-404-3
Runtime: 78 minutes