Alive Mind Cinema/Kino Lorber

Mythic Journeys

Format: DVD

With Gorgeous stop-motion animation and enlightening interviews, Mythic Journeys seeks to reclaim the power of myth, which is the reservoir of human wisdom. The filmmakers gained access to Deepak Chopra and other spiritual leaders for a rich and stimulating dialogue, which is woven in with the astonishing puppetry of Brian and Wendy Froud ( The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth). Using the voices of Tim Curry ( Rocky Horror Picture Show), Mark Hamill ( Star Wars), and Lance Henriksen ( Alien), this beautiful animated sequence tells the story of a sorcerer, a king, and a talkative corpse, creating a fascinating parable on morality and the limits of perception. Mythic Journeys is a thought provoking and entertaining documentary that skeptics and believers alike will find refreshingly inspirational.

Published: April 20, 2010
Deepak Chopra, Lance Henriksen, Mark Hamill, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Tim Curry
UPC: 705105268019