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Pregnant in America

Written and directed by Steve Buonaugurio, an expecting father who realized that most couples are left in the dark when it comes to birth practices, Pregnant in America is an inside look into the truth about what is happening in maternity wards that many hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies don't want you to know about. But it is not just another radical right wing documentary made by an angry filmmaker. It is an inspirational story of a young couple who decided to have their baby at home and the obstacles they faced along the way. If you are pregnant or plan on having your baby in a hospital, watching Pregnant in America might be the most important thing you will do in the next 9 months.

Published: March 26, 2013
Producer: Betsy Chasse, Straw Weisman, Steven and Mandy Buonaugurio
Director: Steve Buonaugurio
Starring: Dr. Marsden Wagner, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Ina May Gaskin, and more
UPC: 8-09070-21172-5
Runtime: 106 minutes
Special Features: Natural Birth Guide Booklet included with savings from Mothering Magzine