Andrea Adler and Sheila Lewis

Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Business Acumen

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Available September 25, 2018.

Spanda| spahn•da | noun

  1. Sanskrit, meaning “the pulsation before creation.”
  2. a jolt of inspiration or an Aha moment that stirs us to action.  

Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit is the first oracle to combine spiritual wisdom and business know-how. Designed to help you connect to your inner Spanda, the messages can move you beyond the habitual knee-jerk reaction to a quiet mindset where creative leaps begin. Need clarity, direction, or a boost of energy? Pick a Spanda card!            

Each aphorism includes a synthesis of ageless practices, psychology, business, and the author’s insights—removing the veil from business and life dilemmas. The accompanying guidebook offers explanations and takeaways with short, actionable steps. You never know . . . you may even find the answer to a question you didn’t know you had. 

Like shaking a snow globe, Spanda cards allow you to tumble around your thoughts and rearrange them into new ways of thinking. Discover how life can sparkle with surprise and synchronicity when you tap into your Spanda.

Includes 52 cards and 136-page booklet.