Wally Amos

The Power in You: Ten Secret Ingredients for Inner Strength

Format: Book

One of the most remarkable books of self-help and inspiration to come along in years, The Power In You was written from the perspective of one man who has made ten secret ingredients for inner strength work for him.

Wally Amos, who rose from relative poverty to fame and fortune as "Famous Amos," the cookie king, details the ingredients he has discovered for a successful personal, financial and spiritual life. With unsparing candor, Amos discusses his struggle to overcome personal and professional problems, including two troubled marriages, difficulty communicating with his children, and near financial ruin, ultimately to find genuine love, wealth and inner peace. He succeeded through the discovery of ten secret ingredients of life that, when combined, create an inspiring testimony to the power of life, love and success. His is a story you will not forget.  His formula is one you should not  forget - it may change your life.

Published: September 19, 1988
ISBN: 978-1556110931
Page count: 217
Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.5 x 1 inches