Suzanne Jauchius

You Know Your Way Home

Format: Book

You Know Your Way Home is a true story about a woman with 5 husbands, secretly chasing killers and missing people, until she comes to a 3 way collision with a brash mystery man, an abrupt therapist in a padded room and a revered Lakota medicine man.

What began as a journal for her children turned into a story of triumph over abuse, addiction and self-doubt for Suzanne Jauchius in this autobiographical book. Jauchius is what she terms a natural psychic (meaning she was born with psychic gifts) and the early parts of her life are full of doubt and self-loathing, the often vicious abuse by her mother, who tells her, It's not normal, and a father who is, at best, apologetic. As an adult she endures several marriages that inevitably fail when her husbands can t accept her as she is. While attending AA meetings as part of marriage counseling (her husband is an alcoholic), she is pointed in the direction of a woman who changes her life. Jauchius learns that addiction is not only for alcoholics and drug users. It takes many forms, but quite often those who suffer with addiction tend to get stuck at the time they first become addicted; those who medicate their problems away do not learn to face tough issues and grow emotionally. And people who become addicts as young people often are not equipped to navigate the deep waters of adult relationships in a healthy way. Jauchius book is not so much about her psychic abilities as it is her journey to find herself and to accept herself for who she is. When she finally acknowledges her abilities and puts them to use, instead of feeling shameful about them, a whole new world is opened up to her. While this book contains a lot of New Age ideas that some readers may not be comfortable with, the central messages of working through addiction and being comfortable in your own skin make the book a worthwhile read.