Lauren Rosenfeld

Your To Be List: Turn Those Dreaded To-Do's into Meaningful Moments Every Day

Your To Be List, written by Lauren Rosenfeld and her husband, James McMahon, features the adoption story of their two sons from Kazakhstan in 2001 and how their decisions TO BE their deepest selves in the most challenging moments, blossomed into miracles. Your To Be List includes 100 exercises to help you transform even life's most difficult challenges into meaningful moments. Using simple exercises and thought-provoking personal stories, the authors will teach you how to:

  • Use your daily to-do list to engage with the meaning of your life
  • Use 100 "How To" exercises to refresh your outlook on life

Celebrate each and every moment as an opportunity to connect with life's purpose. The life you've always wanted is just one chore, email, or errand away! It's time to change your life, change your world, one "To Be" at a time!

Published: January 5, 2010
Page count: 188