Darren Littlejohn was born in the Midwest and grew up in California. He dropped out of school in the eighth grade in order to "pursue drugs and alcohol as a full-time endeavor." At 16, he passed his high school proficiency exam, and after a long, rough road to sobriety went on to earn an AA in Behavior Science from San Jose City College, a BA in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach, and completed all coursework but the final theses for the MA Pre-Doctoral Research Program, also at the Long Beach campus of California State University, in 1994.

In his personal journey, he studied Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, later integrating all of his life experience, beliefs, credentials and true passion into his work. Already practicing what he preaches, he is a dedicated, enthusiastic promoter and speaker who is eager to see others helped out of their pits of despair and self-destruction.

Darren conducts workshops and groups for adults and adolescents in and out of institutions. He is a correspondent with prisoners from the Liberation Prison Project, which brings Buddhist teachings to inmates nationally.

For more about Darren Littlejohn visit the12stepbuddhist.com.