Film & Manuscript Submissions

Beyond Words’ mission is Inspire to Integrity, and we welcome original content from like-minded creators.

We are always looking for new authors and artists to be part of the Beyond Words family, and we accept both solicited and unsolicited work. Whether or not you have an agent, we review everything that comes in. Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting and note that it can take twelve to fifteen weeks to hear back from us.

We are seeking adult nonfiction in the following subjects:

  • Wicca *NEW* (how-to books; magic; blessings; folk magic; spell work; paganism; witchcraft; almanacs; green witches; energy work; moon and sun magic; alchemy; runes; crystals and essential oils)
  • Esoteric & Occult *NEW* (astrology, multidimensional subjects, ESP, dream interpretation, animal communication, UFOs, paranormal, reincarnation)
  • Oracle and tarot card decks
  • Mythology
  • Adult spiritual nonfiction
  • Spirituality and action for change
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Dealing with emotions of grief and forgiveness
  • Environmental justice, eco-grief, and eco-anxiety
  • Rituals, tools, intentions, etc.
  • Plants and mindfulness, medicinal plants, mindful gardening
  • Alternative health
  • Ancient spiritual practices
  • Spirit guides and angels
  • Mindful parenting
  • Earth-based spirituality


We are seeking children’s books in the following subjects:

Ask yourself, does my book generally fulfill Beyond Word’s children’s book philosophy? Find Yourself. Know Yourself. Be Yourself.

We’re seeking nonfiction books for ages 6-10, 8-12 (middle-grade), and 12+ (teen), that are within the below writing styles:

  • Active: teaches kids a skill or how to do something; how-to guides (no cookbooks or craft books).
  • Expository: educates kids through exposing facts and allows child to further explore topics through resources. Does not persuade, just the facts.
  • Narrative Nonfiction: tells a story or conveys an experience through strong, engaging storytelling. Perfect for read aloud (books about people, events, or processes).
  • High Concept/Browsable: lavish, eye-catching design, topics that are straightforward and can be read cover to cover or by skipping around. Great for shared reading. Engages readers quickly with the emphasis on design and visuals.


We also review DVD submissions for streaming and distribution, including:

  • Spiritual films
  • Documentaries


Please include in your proposal:

  • A query email briefly introducing the author and the work
  • Synopsis
  • At least two sample chapters and a detailed table of contents
  • Full manuscript if possible. If not fully written, at least three sample chapters
  • Five pieces of artwork if submitting an oracle or tarot deck
  • Please note that Beyond Words will not accept submissions that contain AI artwork or content of any kind
  • Credentials, social media numbers, marketing platform and plans, previous relevant work, comps, and details on any upcoming speaking engagements or public appearances
  • In addition to the above, please include a 1–2-minute video introducing yourself and giving a brief summary of your submission (can be recorded on a smartphone). Links to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are fine

Please submit complete manuscripts and proposals digitally in a Word Doc or PDF to

We ask that you please do not mail hard copy proposals or manuscripts to us. We will only accept electronic submissions. Please include your full name and email address on all proposals.

We receive new proposals every day, so please give our editors twelve to fifteen weeks to review your submission. You will then either receive an email requesting more information or a polite decline.


At this time Beyond Words is not accepting books on the following subjects:

  • Channeled books
  • Fiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Craft books
  • Coloring books
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Children’s picture books
  • Children’s card decks
  • Textbooks
  • Reference books
  • Coffee Table books
  • Photography books
  • Yoga
  • Conspiracy