Stanley Block, M.D., is an Adjunct Professor of Law and Psychiatry at Seattle University School of Law. A board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, he has worked in private practice and on the faculty of UCLA, Boston University, the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, and the University of Nevada Medical School. He holds a graduate degree in physics from UC Berkeley and received his medical doctorate from UCLA. In the late 1980s Dr. Block founded the Portland Help Center in Portland, Maine, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the homeless and chronically mentally ill. He currently lectures and consults with leading programs in nationwide treatment centers that use his Identity System (I-System) mapping and bridging techniques to treat chronic pain, addiction, weight control, anger management, and other mental health issues. He also works with professional coaches in the Seattle Mariners’ baseball franchise to help them enhance their players’ performance through the bridging and mapping techniques he has developed.