Klaus Heinemann was born and educated in Germany. He holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of Tübingen and has worked for many years in materials science research at NASA, UCLA, and as a research professor at Stanford University. He has authored and coauthored over 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is founder and CEO/CFO of a corporation that performs scientific research in computational fluid dynamics, materials development, and nanotechnology under contracts from NASA.

Dr. Heinemann has also worked extensively in the area of solar energy and water purification with environmentally friendly means and wrote a university-level textbook and holds several patents in this field.

For several decades Dr. Heinemann has worked on mending the commonly perceived rift between science and spirituality. His books Consciousness or Entropy? and Expanding Perception – consciousness, wisdom, compassion, love, are snapshots of this passion, which was stimulated and expanded by his contact with great minds from around the world ever since his immigration to the United States in 1969.

On his journey of rediscovering spirituality, Klaus has explored energy healing and how it can be rationalized and embraced by a person with a natural science-oriented frame of mind. Studies with his personal teachers, the late Dr. Harry and Emilia Rathbun, founders of the world-wide “Beyond War” movement, and the renowned spiritual healer Dr. Ron Roth, gave him a deep understanding that the conventional physical realm is merely an extension of the limitless spiritual realm, rather than all there is. Klaus Heinemann is a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master teacher and an ordained spirit-directed healer.

Dr. Heinemann has lectured numerous times about his findings and conclusions from this exciting physical manifestation from the spiritual realm.