Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, author, and pioneer in Applied Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Medical Intuition with thirty years of field experience. What sets Laura apart is her exacting, specialized gift of intuition measured at the level of an electron microscope. As an international consultant in the fields of medicine, business, personal and spiritual development she consults with and trains teams, such as Dr. Oz’s Integrative Medical Team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She is sought out by corporate executives, royalty, military leaders, government officials, and everyday people from over 50 countries around the world.

A mystic in the true sense of the word, while studying to be an architect at age twenty-six Kamm suddenly fell ill, lost her eye-sight, and died. Having faced the ultimate challenge—death—she was delivered into a new way of being. She was taught healing and spiritual development methods and was infused with insights in a place most of us will have to wait to get into—heaven.

Laura has been featured in national and international magazines, Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul Magazine, Visjion and Medium, a guest on ABC and Fox News, as well as other media outlets. Her private consultations have crossed over the 30,000. Assisting thousands from around the world Laura’s truly extraordinary gift guides them toward healing and personal empowerment through her public talks, trainings, writings and private consultations.