Known for her gritty, poetic, and darkly humorous voice, Lux Alani is an internationally published writer, former international model, and longtime boxing fan. She is an advocate of power, shenanigans, and impossible triumphs. Her daring work calls the reader to rise. Visit her at


Writing is bigger than me and drives me and is the blessed WHY for all else. People ask me why I champion others in my work. I answer, you give away what you want. You stand in grace for others to keep some for yourself.

Matters of power interest me because I was disempowered growing up. Turning my struggles into something beautiful makes me better. It gives my experiences meaning. It allows me to add my voice to the greater good.

I’m not about empowerment for the sake of stomping around and conquering shit. I’m about compassionate strength. Show me someone who’s been dehumanized and I’ll show you a potential humanitarian.

I traded the glory and mindfuck of international modeling to volunteer as a crisis counselor and serve the homeless, seeking the humanity in myself and others. Now I champion people’s stories and inspire them to claim their worth.

My writing revels in humanity.