Michelle "Shelley" Hanson has devoted her life to studying the language of shells. After many years of interpreting seashells for family and friends, Michelle's success led her to take this unique talent to the public.

During her 20-year partnership with her seashell teachers, she has been granted stewardship of a fountain of knowledge. Ocean Oracle serves as the foundation for this ground-breaking work with the seashell kingdom. It is preparation for the deeper revelations in Ocean Wisdom and the books that follow. Recently, the shells have expanded their teachings, addressing their use as energy tools and their connection to the chakras.

Michelle has lectured in several countries imparting the wisdom she has gained. As the “Shell” with the vocal cords, it is her pleasure to serve as ambassador for the rest of her seashell partners. To that end, Ocean Oracle is the workbook for her popular on-line seashell divination classes which have reached a world-wide audience.

Visit the Ocean Oracle website here: www.oceanoracle.com/

Michelle has been featured on several podcasts recently. Check them out here: www.oceanoracle.com/podcast.html