Writer, entrepreneur, and “change master” Nancy Christie uses her own experiences with change as a basis for her writing and workshops. Her essays have appeared in Woman’s Day, Stress-Free Living, Succeed, Experience Life, Tai Chi, and Writer’s Digest and her rut-busting workshops use creative techniques to develop self-knowledge, break down self-imposed limitations, and expand one’s sense of possibilities both personally and professionally.

Her inspirational book, The Gifts of Change (Beyond Words/Atria), encourages readers to take a closer look at how they deal with the inevitability of change and ways in which they can use change to gain a new perspective, re-evaluate their goals, and reconsider their options. Since its release in 2004, it has also been published in three foreign editions: Turkish, Korean, and English in India.

Christie is also the author of the fiction collection Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories, two short story eBooks, Annabelle and Alice in Wonderland , and numerous short stories. Her most recent book, Rut-Busting Book for Writers, offers insights, information, and tips for those who are pursuing the writing life—whether as a profession or for personal satisfaction—yet find themselves struggling to get out of creative or professional ruts.

Connect with Christie through her website at www.NancyChristie.com or via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter (NChristie_OH).