Paul Owen Lewis, author of Motomice

Artist and author Paul Owen Lewis has been creating picture books since 1987 when Beyond Words published his first work, Davy’s Dream, the beloved northwest children’s classic still in print today. In 1996 his spectacular book, Storm Boy, received numerous awards including the prestigious American Book Award for Excellence in American Literature by the Before Columbus Foundation, and was chosen as the featured book for an episode of the PBS television series, Storytime, read by host Jane Seymour. Other best-selling titles include, Grasper, Frog Girl, The Jupiter Stone, and, P. Bear’s New Year’s Party.

A common theme of Paul’s stories is the universal longing we all share to express our identity both as an individual, and as a part of something larger. In his newest picture book, MotoMice, published by Beyond Words, never has this phenomenon been so perfectly captured when we ride along with a highly diverse menagerie of mouse “bikers” on their way to motorcycle rally of thousands. As every biker knows - and Paul’s own 40 years of riding has taught him - when you’re on a motorcycle, you’re part of the family. MotoMice, is sure to be a hit with motorcyclists and their children, but also with any parent who wishes to teach their child that though differences in appearance abound, we are all one in our essence.

When he’s not carving up a nearby mountain pass on his motorcycle, or speaking at schools across the country (nearly a million students have enjoyed his inspirational visits thus far) Mr. Lewis lives on an island in Washington State where his immediate neighbors are ravens, killer whales, and a few awesome humans.