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Everest: A Climb for Peace

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Winner-Coalition Of Visionary Resources (COVR) Visionary Award for Best DVD
Winner-Platinum EMPixx Award -Documentary Film 2009, Mt Shasta Int. Film Festival
2008-Best Documentary,  at the 41st Worldfest Houston Int. Film Festival

Narrated by Orlando Bloom and hailed as a "tremendous achievement" by the Dalai Lama. Everest: A Climb for Peace is not just a typical Everest film, but a socially relevant documentary about peace, war, and the human spirit — an inspirational film, which also has some of the most incredible Everest footage ever shot, including a dramatic rescue from near the summit of Everest.

Filmed on location in Nepal, Tibet, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, U.A.E, and the United States, the film chronicles the spectacular journey of 9 'peace climbers' from different faiths and cultures as they climb to the summit of the tallest mountain in the world. The focus is on Palestinian Ali Bushnaq and Israeli's Dudu Yifrah and Micha Yaniv. They come together and set aside their differences to forge a path of teamwork and cooperation to attempt to summit the world’s highest peak. This however, is easier said than done. Their nations have been embroiled in a brutal war for years; each believes they are on the right side of that war and each knows that on Everest the cooperation of your teammate is a matter of life and death.

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Narration by Orlando Bloom
Format: NTSC Region 0
UPC: 8-37101-44633-4
Runtime: 63 minutes