Lynn V. Andrews

Star Woman: We Are Made from Stars and to the Stars We Must Return

A little more than a decade has passed since Lynn Andrews first became initiated into the Sisterhood of the Shields, a secret circle of woman shamans from all over the world, but her journey into the depths of her own power has seemingly just begun. Serving as a bridge between primal ancient knowledge and modern consciousness, Lynn must embrace the dark side of her own spirit and follow the west wind, tapping into the innate, extraordinary powers that exist within us all.

Upon visiting a man claiming to have bred a magical horse, Lynn meets the spectacular white stallion, Arion. But, obsessed with power, the horse breeder deceives Lynn, poisoning and kidnapping her for the evil shaman Red Dog, who longs to finally destroy her. In a blaze of light and glory, Arion and Lynn escape, starting her vision quest into the depths of her soul. When she awakens, she meets a new teacher of the Sisterhood: Twin Dreamers, a nomadic shape-shifting shaman woman who, together with Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, guide Lynn in the unraveling of the barriers of her consciousness, her self-imposed limitations, and her deepest fears.

 Title Star Woman
Subtitle We Are Made from Stars and to the Stars We Must Return
Author Lynn V. Andrews
Pub Date 3/12/2024
ISBN 9781582709321
Trim Size 5 1/2 x 8 3/8"
Page Count 240
Price  $16.00
Format Paperback