Brit Elders

UFO...Contact from the Pleiades (45th Anniversary Edition) Volumes I & II

For the first time—forty-five years after their original publication—the two photo-journal volumes of UFO…Contact from the Pleiades are combined in one book for a modern audience, with a new foreword written by Shirley MacLaine, a prologue written by Mexican UFOlogist Jamie Maussan, and a new introduction and preface written by Brit Elders.

This photo-journal presents the unique contact case of a Swiss farmer, Billy Meier, who claims to have met with the Pleiadians hundreds of times, compiling many layers of evidence including notes on their conversations, hundreds of photographs, movie footage, audio recordings of the craft, landing tracks of the spaceships, dozens of witnesses, and even metal samples of the craft itself. The quality and amount of evidence was convincing, making this unlike any case previously seen.

UFO…Contact from the Pleiades takes the reader back to a time before home computers, digital photography, and easily accessible photo enhancement programs. Yet the evidence—analyzed in laboratories around the world—could not be easily dismissed, and supported the claims of the contactee, Billy Meier. The breathtaking images, profound words of the Pleiadians, and the extensive investigation that spanned seven years are as relevant today as they were forty-five years ago.

Title UFO...Contact from the Pleiades (45th Anniversary Edition)
Subtitle  Volumes I & II
Authors Brit Elders & Lee Elders
Imprint Beyond Words Publishing
Pub Date 4/23/2024
ISBN 9781582709116
Trim Size 10 x 10"
Page Count 200
Price US $29.95
Format Hardcover