Raman Prinja

Wonders of the Night Sky: Astronomy Starts with Just Looking Up

We can all be astronomers using just our eyes and some unbridled curiosity.

Wonders of the Night Sky invites children all over the world to look upjust as curious people before them have done for millenniaand to know why each wonder appears before their eyes. This beautiful book connects readers to the many parts of our Universe visible to the naked eye against the sky, explodes them on the page, then provides inspiring connections to the science behind the stellar backdrop.

Professor Raman Prinja is the multi-award-winning head of department for physics and astronomy at University College London and a celebrated childrens author. Professor Prinja pens this definitive look at the marvels above us, and when paired with the dazzling illustrations of Jan Bielecki, each striking depiction of these natural marvels will draw you into a lifetime of astronomical wonder. Includes an introduction and endorsement by astronomer, Dhara Patel, of the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Astronomy starts with just looking up!

Title: Wonders of the Night Sky

Astronomy Starts with Just Looking Up

Author: Raman Prinja
Illustrator: Jan Bielecki
On Sale:  5/9/2023
Summer 2023


Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Page Count: 64
Price: $19.99