Letao Wang

Oracle of the Celestial Deities: A 20-Card Deck & Guidebook

*Pre-order, available June 18th, 2024*

Journey beyond the spiritual wisdom of our earthly realm with the Oracle of the Celestial Deities, a deck of twenty cards depicting mythical deities derived from astrology, astronomy, and ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Designed in an art nouveau style, this oracle deck helps connect us with our higher selves and assists us in understanding the important lessons of life that are echoed in the ancient myths of old.

This deck is unique in that it focuses on the astrological archetypes of planets, asteroids, and more, named for Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and a handful of creatures. From Venus, the goddess of love, and Saturn, the god of time, to Ceres, the goddess of harvests, and Vulcan, the god of the forge, readers of this oracle deck will learn and appreciate much from the gods’ choices and lives. Interpretations of the cards in the guidebook include a generalized reading as well as career and love readings for more specified questions. Oracle of the Celestial Deities is sure to appeal to fans of mythology retellings such as Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles and Rick Riodan’s Percy Jackson series.

 Title Oracle of the Celestial Deities
Subtitle A 20-Card Deck & Guidebook
Author Letao Wang
Pub Date 6/18/2024


Trim Size 5 x 6.75"
Page Count 152
Price $19.95
Format Card Deck