Helene Lerner

Soulful Wisdom: Cards for Women Who Do Too Much

"In a world where women have to work ten times harder than men to receive a tenth as much, Helene’s Soulful Wisdom: Cares for Women Who Do Too Much is a soulful, motivational reminder that keeps women’s goals and dreams alive."

Garth Brooks, American singer and songwriter


Living in today’s fast-paced world can be draining on any woman—emotionally and physically. We can easily get caught up in the frenzy of everyday life and lose sight of what’s really important, but now you have help.

The Soulful Wisdom card deck is the perfect daily tool for women who do too much. These 50 beautiful and inspiring cards and accompanying guidebook bring you back into focus, minimizing negative thoughts while helping you tap into your intuition. 

Use them throughout the day as a source of practical guidance whenever you need a little assistance. It’s time to put your well-being to the top of your priority list and the Soulful Wisdom cards will help you get there.