Rhonda Byrne

The Secret Manifestation Cards


After 17 years of sharing The Secret story through her books, Rhonda Byrne is excited to share her newest product, The Secret Manifestation Cards. The deck contains sixty-five powerful teachings on Manifestation that have been simplified, condensed, and made accessible for all—for those who already know and love The Secret, and for those who have yet to discover it.

The Secret Manifestation Cards are a beautiful display of artistry and are a wonderful complement to the newly re-released documentary, The Secret: Remastered, or one of Rhonda Byrne’s beloved best-selling books. The Secret Manifestation Cards provide the power of quick, daily reminders to continually inspire your manifestation practice.

From Rhonda Byrne: “The Secret Manifestation Cards are designed to keep you inspired, uplifted, and on track as you apply this life-changing knowledge to your own life. The sixty-five cards in the deck are full of The Secret’s most important teachings as well as simple, powerful practices to ensure you create whatever you want—happiness, health, wealth, and anything you can dream of.”