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The Answer to Cancer

In The Answer to Cancer, documentary filmmaker Susanne Aernecke follows the trail of a highly effective alternative cancer treatment. From Spain the route leads to Calcutta, India, to the Banerjis, a dynasty of doctors, who over the past 150 years have developed a method that can naturally cure cancer and other chronic diseases. It is based on an older approach of Samuel Hahnehmann (founder of homeopathy), who discovered that, if one has a precise diagnosis, one can give an accurate prescription of homeopathic globules. And not as previously assumed by classical homeopaths, that people with different characteristics have to get different globules for the same disease.


The Banerjis treat more than a thousand patients each day in their clinic in Calcutta and have meticulously recorded every course of each disease. In this way, over the past 50 years, a wealth of unique data has emerged. Such a database would not have been affordable or suppressed at any other location. You need masses of people, especially those who do not change the doctor in between. However, the patients of the Banerjis can not afford this because only 10% have to pay for their consultations. The rest gets the treatment for free. And so, a study could emerge passing the pharmaceutical giant, which proves the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies even in severe diseases such as cancer. Meanwhile, the method also spreads in the West and is already offered by some doctors and homeopaths as an alternative to conventional medicine.