Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle

LON, creator of the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, follows up her bestselling deck with cards that delve into our ties to one another. Her new deck provides fresh perspectives about our connections to friends, family, colleagues, and especially our romantic partners.

 We are all made of sacred geometric structures, and these intricate webs hold us together. The deck’s 44 activations bring our deepest questions to light and show us how we are intertwined with our fellow human beings. This deck and the Sacred Geometry Activations Oraclecan also be used in combination to help users gain deeper clarity on how our relationships bring meaning to our temporal and eternal lives.

ISBN: 978-1-58270-702-0
Trim Size: 5 x 6 ¾
Page Count: 45 cards, 176 page guidebook


“This is the most amazing oracle deck I’ve ever seen. The messages are so powerful and real. This is a deck that has supreme guidance and the love and radiance of the artist, LON, shines through them! Get these for your anyone you love to see rise to their highest self and watch as they sky rocket!”

Aimee Lora, Amazon.com Verified Purchase Sacred Geometry Activations Deck, December 19, 2016

“Immediately, I could feel the energy radiating from my soul portrait. It drew me inward, and I found myself in a new dimension, feeling calm yet vibrantly alive.” 

Carla Swan Gerstein, Education Transformations

“LON is a transcendental artist. A visual alchemist. She offers you a glimpse into the elemental nature of the universe.”

Zachary Federi, LionHeart Consultancy

“I am so incredibly happy and grateful for my soul portrait and the work you did with such attention to details. You truly have a gift which bring forth the best for the evolution of my soul. “

Marcell Resnick, South American Imports