Mike Dooley

The Complete Notes from the Universe


For the first time ever, the hugely popular Notes from the Universe trilogy is being offered as one large volume, making it even easier to share the love and wisdom of Mike Dooley’s Universe.

Since emailing the very first Note in 2000, Mike has cleverly written, as ambassador and interpreter, for a conspiring and loving, divine benevolence. The Universe spreads goodwill and hope with some of the best-kept, old-soul secrets on manifesting a rich and happy life.

In The Complete Notes from the Universe, Mike’s candid observations remind us that we are never alone; that to bring change into your life, we must simply ask and show up. Living deliberately and creating consciously does not come from focusing on the hows but upon your desired end results—the life you now dream of living. His insights help readers harness the metaphysical laws of the Universe so that they can be swept off their feet and be carried along, as divine intelligence puts the right people in their path at just the right time. Soon readers find themselves living in a physical world that mirrors exactly what they were initially only dreaming of.

For over two decades, author Mike Dooley has turned over stones, knocked on doors, and followed his heart. Immersing himself in a search for the truths he most needed to learn, today he shares with over 800,000 fans throughout 185 countries, five days a week, through email, at live events, and finally, through this brand new volume that includes the very best of his teachings.

Over all of these years, testimonials have poured in, evidencing the power contained in the words Mike shares that propel his readers into living lives that are more positive, where they feel more confident, and have found greater joy.

The Complete Notes from the Universe is a collection of over 500 Notes (plus 50 that have never before been published), with a new foreword and introduction. Prepare to fall in love with your life, all over again.

Author: Mike Dooley

ISBN: 9781582707297

eBook ISBN: 9781982145668

Trim Size: 5 1/2 x 8 3/8

Page Count: 576