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The Light Beyond VOD

“A near death experience is an episode of transcendent consciousness that takes place when someone almost dies but is revived.” —Raymond Moody

For decades Dr. Raymond Moody has been studying the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences— studying more than a thousand case histories of adults and children who have clinically reached the point of death and survived. Now the world-renowned expert on the subject, Dr. Moody sits down with friend and colleague, Paul Perry to share his wealth of information on the subject.

In the talkumentary The Light Beyond Dr. Moody explores the recurring themes he has seen in his research and in his interviews with people who have had Near Death Experiences, bringing us closer to answering mankind’s greatest mystery: What happens to us after we die?

For the first time ever, viewers are invited into Dr. Moody’s psychomanteon as he shares the history of similar tools for seeing and communicating with spirits that go back to ancient Greece.

Dr. Moody offers both answers and peace of mind to those who wonder about death and provides more insight in his ongoing study of life, death, and “beyond.”