Paulette Sherman, Ph.D.

Dating from the Inside Out: How to Use the Law of Attraction in Matters of the Heart

Finalist—2009 Coalition Of Visionary Resources (COVR) Visionary Award for Conscious Living/Self-Help Book

Each of us deserves to love and be loved in return. How can you find real, deep, and lasting love in a world that appears so superficial? Rather than looking at the world of dating like an obstacle course to be conquered, Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman shows that it can become an enlightening journey toward love that begins from within.

By examining past experiences, understanding family dynamics, and exploring the place of spiritual connection in the dating world, Dr. Sherman illuminates the path to self-awareness—the path that leads to the kind of real love you have been searching for. Finding your dating style and the set of beliefs you hold about your self-worth liberates you from just spinning your wheels and repeating mistakes.

Dr. Sherman shows how we can become the partner we wish to attract, and asserts that anyone can learn how to truly let go of their past, embrace the present, and use the Law of Attraction to draw in a partner who is perfect for who you are—without pretending to be someone you're not.

Published: February 19, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-58270-194-3
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.437 inches