Marie Antoinette Kelley

Danny's Day in Heaven

Danny is like any other kid on the beach—he wants to have fun, though he’s a bit of a bully. While he’s surfing the waves one day, a storm rolls in, catching him by surprise. The water pulls him under, and Danny finds himself going through a tunnel of colors and light, appearing in a radiant world with unexpected friends. What he discovers, who he meets, and the lessons he learns before returning to Earth will ease children’s fears and give hope to readers both young and old about life after death.

Inspired by the New York Times bestseller Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley and dozens of other near-death experiences, this book features author Marie Antoinette Kelley’s transcendent paintings and is designed to comfort and reassure children about the reality of an afterlife. Danny’s Day in Heaven is a wonderful gift for anyone who has ever asked—or had to answer—the all-important question: “What happens when we die?”

Recommended read by Bruce Lipton, PhD.


Danny's Day in Heaven


Kelley, Marie Antoinette

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Summer 2023





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8 1/2 x 11

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