2017 Afterlife Awareness Conference Livestream

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Where sacred ceremonies, out-of-body journeys and inter-dimensional encounters are an everyday affair.

Our 2017 conference will feature expanded training in psychic development and after-death communication, as well as teachings on out-of-body exploration, conscious dying and conscious grieving. Our goal is to blur the boundaries between allopathic medicine and alternative healing; between intuitive experience and scientific research; and between religious traditions and a spirituality of oneness to increase awareness of life beyond the physical body.

Our 2017 livestream sessions include:

  • Spirited Answers: A Q&A Forum about Mediumship with Hollister Rand
  • How the Dead Communicate with Us with Suzanne Northrop
  • Ancient Funeral Rites with Jerrigrace Lyons
  • Deathbed Visions in Hospice Patients with Dr. Christopher Kerr
  • Near Death Experiences panel discussion
  • Heaven: A History panel discussion (2017)
  • Sound Therapy for Dying, Grieving, and Tapping into into Higher Planes of Consciousness with Pati Pellerito
  • How Animals Teach Us From the Other Side with Danielle MacKinnon
  • Medium Showcase with Hollister Rand (2017)
  • The Conference Closing Ceremony

This package also includes our 2015 livestream sessions:

  • Heaven: A History panel discussion (2015)
  • What You Need to Know Before You Die with William Buhlman
  • Shamanic "Pushing Over" Ceremony with Jan Engels Smith
  • Anita Moorjani keynote presentation
  • How Does Our Relationship with Departed Loved Ones Change Over Time? with Suzanne Northrop
  • Choosing Joy After Traumatic Loss with Jeffrey Olsen
  • Conscious Dying in Clinical Settings panel discussion
  • John Holland keynote and gallery-style audience readings
  • Annie Kagan keynote (via Skype)
  • Medium Showcase with Hollister Rand (2015)

All 20 videos are included for only $97!