Asako Ushio

Cat People VOD

Cat People is a documentary that poses the question of how we as humans coexist with cats by exploring the eclectic lives of devoted cat lovers. We’ll journey from America to a small island in Japan to learn and explore various human/feline relationships

From Filmmaker Asako Ushio

"As a longtime owner of cats, I’ve always thought of myself as the perfect “mother”. And there are so many others like myself dedicating their time, passion, and money to their love of felines. No other animal on the planet inspires as much loyalty from humans. However, I began to realize the feline/human relationship was much more complicated than I ever imagined. Cats and humans coexist through multiple levels of domesticity, from household companions to wild street animals to secluded island inhabitants. CAT PEOPLE explores the evolving challenges facing cats living in a human world."