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Gnomies World VOD

Gnomies live among us, mostly unseen…until now!

This peace-loving bunch explores their world with a love for nature and fun! Gnomies World is a humorous, stop-motion extravaganza filmed in the deep woods near Portland, Oregon that mixes surprising cinematography, natural settings, original music and lovable characters that appeal to all ages! Best Animated Film of the NW Comic Fest 2016 Official Selection of the Oregon Independent Film Festival 2016.

Published: November 1, 2016

Starring Dr. Steve Koc, Sara Wiseman, with Jessica Bean and introducing Emma Wiseman

Original Soundtrack by Dr. Steve Koc and Sara Wiseman. Performed by The Gnomi Hendrix Experience & Martyrs of Sound. ASCAP © 2015

Runtime approx. 40 min.