Lee & Brit Elders

UFO...Contact from the Pleiades: Video on Demand

This documentary explores the UFO contactee case of Eduard Billy Meier, who claims to have had extensive conversations with beings from the Pleiades in the 1970s. Meier documented these conversations in journals, captured hundreds of photographs and videos of UFOs, known as "Beamships," and was given metal samples that science could not duplicate. Filmed in Switzerland, Scotland, and the USA, the documentary is narrated by David Warner and features investigators like Col. Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders, Brit Elders, and Tom Welch. Despite skepticism, the team concluded that Meier's case couldn't be a hoax due to its complexity and convincing, widespread evidence. This docudrama remains a significant piece of UFO history, offering compelling evidence of alleged extraterrestrial contact.

 Title UFO…Contact from the Pleiades
Subtitle A Documentary Film
Starring Eduard Billy Meier
Produced by Spencer H. Young & James Margellos
Writer Larry Savadove
Director Larry Savadove
Narrator David Warner
Filmmakers Brit Elders and Lee Elders
Release Date May 27th, 2024
ISBN 9781582709123
Runtime 1 hour 23 minutes
Price $5.99
DVD w/English subtitles