The Love Story of Leonard Knight

“Sometimes, God picks little people to do things.” —Leonard Knight, creator of Salvation Mountain

TRUE STORY: In 1971, troubled drifter Leonard Knight had a calling that he was to tell the world that “God is love,” so he created Salvation Mountain in a desolate corner of the California desert. It would remain his home for nearly 30 years, where he would spread that message of God’s love with joy and enthusiasm to anyone who would listen. By 2009, Leonard was receiving thousands of visitors a week from as far away as Mongolia. They were drawn by the unique construction of Salvation Mountain and by Leonard’s unwavering faith.

As “the most visited man in America,” Leonard made a profound impact on everyone who came to his mountain. This film is filled with his energy and passion for God’s love and will touch the souls of viewers for years to come.

“One of the best, most captivating documentaries…The Love Story of Leonard Knight is a fascinating movie. …A must-see.” —Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide