Catherine C. Bastedo

Bird Vibes Meditation Cards: Spiritual Insight Through Birds

Have you ever celebrated the newest hatchling of a mated pair of Red-tailed Hawks, listened to the crooning of a Common Loon on a misty morning, or experienced the magic of a Snowy Owls four-foot wingspan as it flies above your head? If you havent already started to notice the kinds of birds around you, you will once you start using this deck.

Bird Vibes Meditation Cards is an inspired deck and booklet of fifty-four cards based on birds that may be seen in the cities, countryside, and forests of North America. Fifty birds are grouped by eight chakras according to the birds coloring, habitat, or other characteristics, with an additional card for each season. Designed to be a simple addition to your daily practice, the short but poetic descriptions and bird facts in Bird Vibes will help you seek meaning through the messages of birds, connect you to the energy around and within you, and shed light on your spiritual path. Whether you’re interested in learning about birds, chakras, or meditation, these cards encourage a love for nature and instill gratitude for our feathered friends.


 Bird Vibes Meditation Cards


 Spiritual Insight Through Birds


 Bastedo, Catherine C

Illustrator Bale, Heather
Pub Date 12/26/2023
ISBN 9781582709109

Trim Size 5 x 6.75
Page Count 152
Price US $24.00
Format Card Deck