Alan Roubik

<p>Alan Roubik is considered as one of the most recognized and respected "healing music" artist and producer in the world. His first healing music recording "Hado Music" (a.k.a. "The Four Seasons") became the most popular recording of its kind in Japan, and earned him a place in the National Archives of Japan. Scientifically tested and endorsed by an independent research laboratory in Tokyo by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Alan's music is said to have the most healing properties of any modern music. His music is used and recommended by doctors, professional athletes and trainers, health, fitness and yoga instructors, as well as spiritual healers.</p>

 <p>At the age of 16, Alan sustained severe damage to the ulnar nerve in his right arm, making it nearly impossible to move his fingers. Not only immobility, but tremendous pain prevented Alan from competing. Unable to hold a fork or spoon in his right hand, doctors suggested surgery, but Alan refused. He was determined to continue playing the piano, and he began to focus on creating compositions that suited his limited hand movements. Unbeknownst to Alan, he had been utilizing one form of music therapy that would eventually strengthen his hand and allow him full mobility to perform again. Ironically, Alan would later become most well known for his music therapy recordings</p>