Hajjar Gibran was born in 1950, in a small prairie town in South Dakota. At the age of fourteen the trauma of his brother’s tragic death led Hajjar through a tormenting passage that culminated in a series of visionary episodes and visitations from his ancestral spirit.

After finishing a science degree at South Dakota State University, Hajjar’s spiritual calling inspired him toward an unconventional lifelong odyssey that has included years of intense, inspirational spiritual accomplishments including establishing a spiritual retreat centers in Colorado and Hawaii—which he named Orphalese after the mythical village from The Prophet, many years of private practice specializing in Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, and Cellular Memory Release, as well as a personal apprenticeship with a shaman in Hawaii, to name a few.

Hajjar shares his gifts through experiential workshops in celebration of the spiritual life. In keeping with his ancestral lineage, Hajjar’s teachings are free from religious bias and offer fresh perspectives on timeless issues while bridging the wisdom of ancient mysticism with the discoveries of contemporary science in ways that are deeply personal. The Return of the Prophet is Hajjar's first book. He lives in Thailand.