Ric Giardina is the founder and president of The Spirit Employed Company, a management consulting and training firm that offers keynote addresses and other programs on authenticity, balance, community, and discipline.

For more than twenty years, Ric Giardina has worked in corporate America, as both an attorney and as a business executive. During that time, he has also been actively engaged in encouraging people to express their spiritual selves in their workplaces.

Ric has served as the director of business relationships for Intel Corporation. During his eight years at Intel, Ric directed Intel's worldwide trademark, branding, and naming activities, which included the creation of such names as Pentium, ProShare, and OverDrive. He also co-designed and implemented the Intel Inside program.

Ric is the author of Threads of Gold (Willow Isle Press, 2000), a book of poems about his own personal and spiritual development. He is a regular guest on Seeing Beyond, a nationally syndicated morning radio talk show originating from San Francisco.