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Guest Blog by Inna Segal, author of The Secret Language of Your Body.

Feeling stressed out? Try these 11 ways to relieve the tension.

Recognize what you are stressed about
Is it your health, work, money or relationship? You need to clarify what is causing you stress so you can do something about it.

Ask for help
Often people feel that they have to do it all on their own. If you are feeling that you need help in an area of your life, then don't be afraid to ask for it, whether it is financial advice, help with children, assistance with your relationship or advice about a health condition.

Time management
People are often stressed because they have too many things to do. Take a pen and paper and make a list of what you can realistically do today. Then do those things.

Say No
Be realistic. Before agreeing to do extra work or help someone, ask if you have the time and the energy to do it. If you don't and it will put extra pressure on you, just say no.

Take time out
The best way to deal with stress is to relax. Even short intervals of slowing down, resting, meditating or doing something fun, can help you let go of stress and change your focus.

Acknowledge your feelings
In order to release stress, you need to become aware of where you hold stress in your body. By focusing your attention within you will notice where you feel tense. Place your hands on this part of your body and take slow deep breaths for around a minute. Allow the feeling to intensify. Close your eyes and imagine that the stress is like a dark cloud inside your body. Then visualize an orange ray of light coming into your body and dissolving the dark cloud.

Breathe consciously
When you breathe shallowly, your body tightens, your thinking becomes limiting causing you to feel anxious and fearful. By slowing down your breath, you can calm yourself, let go of negative thinking, sharpen your concentration, relax your body and experience an increase of energy.

Eat healthy food
Most people know what constitutes a healthy diet. Yet in our stressed and busy lives, it is easy to go for fast food, which usually contains lots of fat, sugar, caffeine and unhealthy chemicals. To help our bodies cope with stress we need to make sure that we are eating healthy, nourishing food.

Move your body and make it fun. Create an exercise program that you enjoy such as walking, swimming, dancing, doing yoga, going to the gym or jumping on a home trampoline.

Bring more laughter into your life
The more you can see the lighter side of life, the less stress you will feel. Laughter is one of the best remedies for releasing stress, dealing with depression and reversing the ageing process.

Focus on what you desire
The more you focus on what you want rather then what you don't want, the more positive you'll feel and the more likely you are to manifest it.

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the best selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body.

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