Excerpt from Body Intelligence

by  Joseph Cardillo, PhD

Try this meditation outdoors; if you can’t get out, do it indoors via a picture slideshow.

Start by taking your shoes off and walking barefoot on the grass. Feel the cool moisture travel straight through the bottom of your feet. Feel your body absorb energy up from the earth. Visualize this energy as a warm, nourishing, vibrant green. Imagine this energy circulating within you.

Imagine it flowing up over the crown of your head, down your back, and down into the earth again, in a circular motion. As it flows, imagine it cleansing you of toxic feelings that may be weighing you down physically and mentally. Direct these negative energies into the earth—imagine them flowing into the earth. The earth can handle these poisons, you cannot.

Repeat this activity for as long as you are comfortable, and do it often. Feel your mind clearing and loosening each time you draw in more energy. Breathe the entire image into your body deeply and slowly—in through your nose and exhaled through your mouth. Look around your environment or an imagined favorite one.

Now, close your eyes and turn the picture green; breathe it all in. Imagine this cleansing energy rising through your limbs, through muscle and bone, to your heart. Feel its rising energy flowing through you. Let it purify and warm your heart. As you exhale, feel into and visualize the energy of your dreams flowing outward in peace and joy. Feel the calm exhilaration of consciously participating in this energy. Use this meditation to revitalize often.

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