It’s hard to believe that Earth Day is already here!

Whether you plan to take an extra long walk with your dog, celebrate at a festival in the sunshine, or take a reusable bag to the grocery store, you’re awesomely contributing to the Earth's wellness! And in honor of Earth Day we’ve created a fun list of some inspiring reads for you. Enjoy!

1.  Partnering with Nature by Catriona MacGregor

We can’t talk about the environment without taking about Partnering with Nature. This is a simple book with a powerful message; author Catriona MacGregor illuminates the fact that our connection to nature, animals, and to the earth is a vital part of our existence. MacGregor weaves together historical, spiritual, and scientific information and offers personal anecdotes and real stories of how nature has changed people’s lives as well as shaped the course of human evolution.

2. When Animals Speak by Penelope Smith

We adore author and animal companion Penelope Smith. In this newly revised edition of her first book, she gives powerful insight into advanced interspecies communication and provides accessible techniques for you to expand your own understanding of communication and consciousness!

3. Our Community Garden by Barbara Pollak

In this special garden, each child plants an item that reflects their personality and/or ethnic heritage. The garden provides a venue for all the children and their families to gather and celebrate with a potluck of dishes made from the garden's harvest. Readers will enjoy following the progress of the garden and will be inspired to start one of their own!

4.  Most Good, Least Harmby Zoe Weil

This book offers a simple approach to all the challenges that confront our world today, and the people, animals, and ecosystems that are affected. People today are filled with hope and eager to participate in positive change that enriches their own lives as they make a difference for others.

5. Generation Fix by Elizabeth Rusch

Generation Fix profiles 20+ kids who have changed the world by taking action on their ideas. Each chapter also includes resources and activities for kids to get involved right now in their communities and a place for kids to write down their own solutions to world problems. The book will include smart, funny, and dead serious ideas for kids across the country who are brainstorming methods for improving the world.

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